After the Nepalese War in the year 1814, Darjeeling hill territory was given to the East India Company by the Nepalese who had taken this territory from the Raja of Sikkim. The British Governor General  Lord William Bentink deputed General Llyod to settle some disputes arose on Treaty of  Titalya agreed between Sikkim and Nepal Frontiers. The General Llyod in company with Mr. J .W. Grant, a commercial resident of Malda visited the hill in 1828 and during the journey they were very much attracted by the portion of Darjeeling from their report made on 18th June 1829. It is found that they made valuable representation saying that this place would be of a great advantage if a sanitarium was established at Darjeeling and they strongly advocated its occupation for Military purpose being the key pass into the Nepal Territory.


The word 'Lebong' has originally derived from  native tribe the Lepcha's word 'Ali & Abong' -(Ali-tongue & Abong-a mouth) . It means the tongue shaped spur which has been suggested by the fact that the area shoots out like a tongue from the ridge on which Darjeeling  is situated. Lebong with its equable climate was one of the first place in the district to attract European settlers. It was found that Lebong was warmer than Darjeeling and enjoyed more sunshine. Large portion of the spur has now been acquired for the Cantonments. The barracks and parade ground were laid out during the year 1882-1890 and  battalion of British infantry stationed there.

The Lebong Cantonment formerly was a part of the Jalapahar Cantonment and it was originally taken up in September, 1882. Though the area first acquired was less but it has been increased to present area of 173.7441 acres.      

 Lebong Cantonment Board is situated just below the Darjeeling town at an altitude of 5,970 feet above sea level. It is renowned for holding the Race Course that existed on small portion of defence land from the year  1924 to 1984. The arrangement existed as a result of the Lease Agreement of 20 Sept 1924 executed between GOC, Presidency of Assam Dist. and the Darjeeling Amusement Club(later Darjeeling Gymkhana club-DGC).

Today, Lebong  Cantonment Board is a Class IV Cantonment having 04 Board members i.e. 1 PCB, 1 CEO/Secretary and 2 Elected Members. Its total population is 1397 according to Census Report 2011 and has two pockets of civil areas notified as Sadar Bazar and Cricket Bazar.